Icky Sticky Friday

When my Fridays are usually suckish because I get pissed off, this Friday was all sticky… and icky.

Spent most of the day at LTO ’cause we had to renew our car’s registration. Made a fool out of myself a couple of times but it kinda paid off at the end of the day. It was so hot and humid. Gosh, my thighs were sweating off for as long as I can remember today.

Ate lunch at Tita Michee’s then went back to LTO to pay for and claim the sticker. Went to Ms. Rose’s house for Rique’s first guitar lessons. Went to SM to do the groceries. I met Ms. Frammel there. Said hi…from afar. Didn’t want to come too near ’cause I wasn’t in my best hygienic state. Las Pinas is getting really polluted nowadays.

Arrived at home really sticky and icky. It has been a while since I ate dinner feeling really hot, humid and dusty. =))

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