Mission: Enroll myself in College

I left the house at around 11 am with yaya so I could arrive on time at DLSU-M. Took the trike going out of the village. I initially planned on crossing the street to the GTexpress terminal to see if they had any van going to Taft. Just when I was about to cross, a barker approached me and asked if I were going to Lawton.

Knowing that the trip to Lawton usually passes Taft, I took that van. Me, being naive and all when it comes to commuting did not think of the other possible routes of reaching Lawton. Yeah, unfortunately for me, the van that I took travels via Roxas Boulevard. So yeah, I was practically lost. But I did not panic because it would be utterly humiliating. And I’d get really really lost.

So I decided to get off at the terminal knowing that I’m bound to find a jeepney that’s gonna bring me to DLSU. On a funny note, I kinda liked getting lost back there this afternoon. Don’t really know why. Anyway, we asked for directions and we used this underground walkway so we could get to the other side of the road. It was cool. All dirty and abandoned. Yeah, I saw crazy and drunk ladies at dead noon.

I did find my way to DLSU and I had half an hour to waste. So I did waste it by texting Mika, Mom and Dad and complain on how hot and humid the weather was. At around 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment, I lined up with all the other students enrolling at the College of Engineering(COE).

I gotta say, there are a hell lot of boys. And just a handful of girls. Boy, I felt like an outcast during enrollment. Man, it was uncomfortable. 😉 Despite that, the whole process was so damn fast that by 2:30, we were riding a bus going to Baclaran.

Taking advantage of the aircondition was nice. But it was kinda ruined by this other scandalous passenger who fussed too much on the change the ‘kundoktor’ gave her. It was all coins. Just because I don’t have change to pay you, you give me 200 pesos, she screams, all coins. What am I? A piggy bank? She screeched. Well one round of screeching was enough but no she wouldn’t stop. Everytime Mr. Kundoktor went around the back to collect the fare, she would lash out some snide remark of him being uneducated. And to make it worse, there were these two nosy men who couldn’t just stick their  filthy noses in their asses. They had to add in with the insults.

Yeah, and I was sitting there the whole time, listening while rolling my eyes at them.

It’s pretty ironic, really. They, the customers who could just call for Mr. kundoktor’s attention and ask politely instead hollers out catching everyone’s attention and then spits out insults towards Mr. Kundoktor. Isn’t that a bit uneducated? Degrading a person of his dignity. Kinda ironic when the scandalosa herself looks more than a whore compared with Mr. Konduktor. Tsk. people.

So we got off at Baclaran, took a van back to Molino. Got lost along the way to the hospital so I could get my blood typing results. Went home really exhausted and had dinner with a head-splitting migraine. Drank pain-killers.

What a day! But I sure can say that my mission is ACCOMPLISHED! XD


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