A Day at Home with Lola

Lola and I passed the opportunity to come with on today’s trip to Subic ‘coz she wasn’t feeling too well last night. It’s the heat. So, we stayed home and made doughnuts! The same cinnamon glazed doughnuts I made a few weeks ago. I just made it smaller than the usual because there’s so many of us and I want everybody to try.

We watched Shutter Island after lunch while I was kneading and cutting out the dough. I took a nap afterwards but not for too long ‘coz it was so hot. It was fun having to chat with her again, like this. Chismax and all. Then we kinda surfed Facebook looking for relatives. Hahaha!

Well, at least we’re better here at home than Mommy. She texted, telling me that she was bored as hell because she and Rique didn’t come with the others inside Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari. Failing to repress the urge to be cruel, I called Mom just so I could let her hear my evil laugh. Hahaha!

Yeah, so that was my day. We’re waiting for Dad to come home. Went to work today, like any other day.

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