I’m at CIE right now killing time. Rique and I went with mom ‘co we’re gonna fetch the cousins later at the airport. Figured that the route going to the airport would be shorter from Makati rather from Cavite. Besides, we’re taking them to Greenbelt anyway and I’m coming with Tita Tashie to the Australian embassy. She has some…errands to run. Yeah, I better ask them if they have student exchange programs. I’d love to try it. I just hope there is.

Anyway, reading too much FictionPress makes me want to write stories again. Therefore, I did. I started Two nights ago and I’m kinda stuck. I don’t know if it’s a curse or something but everytime I start, there’s always this wall I hit on somehow and I just stop. The last story I started, I gave up without even reaching the rising action of the plot I planned for the story. It just kinda bores me.

And I think that’s why I never really pursued taking up Journalism or Mass Communication. ‘Coz at some point, I might get bored and lose my job. Hahaha!

The cousins are coming in a while. It’s gonna be a full house tonight. I can just feel it.

Be back to update! 😉


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