Just Passing By…

So I’m currently in this frenzy of reading romance novels at Fictionpress.Com because I’m totally bored here at home and Facebook isn’t doing any help and the damn site is FREE! So Yeah, delve myself in reads a grade lower than published books sold in National Bookstore. It’s just a matter of finding stories with great plots and less grammatical errors.

Anyway, they’re coming in on Thursday and I’m not coming with them to Subic. Besides the fact that Dad was subtly talking me out of coming and the fact that I’ve been there already and my actual goal if I were to come was the stop over at Pampanga, I might just spend the day at home or if I can talk Penny to come with me and we could spend the day together. If both don’t come to my head by the weekend, I might just come with dad to makati and spend the day at greenbelt. Yeah. But I really would rather pick going out with Penny… I’ll text her tomorrow.

Everybody’s pushing me to enter Palanca but until now, I have no idea what to write. I’m even getting rusty in blogging. Ugh.


Happy to hear your take on this

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