Money Matters! To me, that is.

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be rich. Until now I still do.

I remember the first time my tooth fell, my parents told me I write the Tooth Fairy so that it’ll give me money in exchange for the tooth. I did, hoping that I’d get a little cash from the fairy. I received 20 Pesos. I was ecstatic at that point. The next time my tooth fell, I wrote again and asked for a Million Bucks. Really, I did. The ‘fairy’ never came back.

I know it’s a funny story. I still laugh when I think about how money seems to drive me into doing things.

Now that I’m 16 and confidently knowing that I’m capable of doing skilled work like washing dishes, cleaning floors or counting money, I’m quite frustrated that I can’t get a summer job.

Well, besides the fact that I’m doing no effort in finding a job, most job offerings I encounter push me right off the ‘to-consider’ list.

Must be 18. With pleasing personality. At least a second year in college, taking 18 units.

Clearly, I’m really not qualified.

So I’m just waiting for my prize money from Ateneo to come. Bum!

Yeah, If you have any stuff you’d want me to do. Secretarial man o accountant. Sige na! Basta may pay. Hahaha!

Anyway, I need to clear my hard drive of movies. I’ve already installed and uninstalled three DVD Burning Softwares as of tonight and I’m hoping that the fourth one would actually work. Hallelujah if it does. I’d be burning the movies I’ve already watched and I’m gonna wait for season 6 of house to finish then can I burn a whole DVD of HOUSE! Love it! 😀

I’m gonna try big bang theory… But that seems far to accomplish. Probably next summer. Depends. Or if I could drop by in some pirated DVD market. Then, sweet!


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