post Grad Ball happenings

Three shots of Tequila and no sleep can sure make me look like a wreck the next morning. I made it until 4pm yesterday without any sleep at all the night before. And the other night before that. I spent the whole day in Makati yesterday because after my parents fetched me at the hotel, we had to stop by at Landmark to buy a grad gift for my cousin and we spent the rest of the afternoon ’til the evening at my cousin’s. Baptismal celebration if you can say.

Anyway, I grabbed the opportunity of a 2 hour nap in the car while the other guests were having merienda. Had the energy to stay up until we rode home. However, I’m getting miserable at the moment ’cause I’m having a weird allergy attack. I’m swelling all over, my arms and legs are itchy and I don’t think it’s the tequila, ’cause I might have itched earlier. I’ve consumed 3 tablets of anti-histamines since yesterday and the itching isn’t going down yet.

As of now, I’m trying to blame the damn allergy attack on the soap and the couch at the hotel. Or the wrong salt that Charmaine made me take while drinking the shots. Hahaha! *sigh*

Iman and Jomar aren’t answering my calls. They told me that we should be going to Ateneo to claim something but they never gave me the time ’cause G. Martin didn’t tell them. So yeah, I’m here stuck at home with an allergy. Both my legs are red, my arms feel puffy and irritated. It feels like the bed bugs all over again.


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