Fun Friday

Today’s one of those TGIF days. Though I got pissed off at Joren at Tope during Physics, everything else ran smoothly. ZL was boring as usual. The last ZL session of the year and all our moderators were missing. So basically, I had 4 hours of free time. And I spent dismissal time at Clariza’s house ‘coz it was her pre-birthday celebration. It was fun. Why? ‘coz it felt different. I mean, the people I was with a while ago are the same people I’m with during lunch everyday but the conversation felt light and relaxing. We just kept laughing as if there weren’t anymore get togethers like those. Well, yeah, college days are getting close. And we’re gonna start living our lives differently. It felt nice to just talk and talk. Nothing related to current school work and requirements.

Not much to say. I just feel pleased.


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