One Last Fight!

Best and most memorable Intramurals. It was fun. Futsal girls proved what we were really made of. Babaylans made it as over-all champs. Although we didn’t bag the cheering competition, I think that we’ve already done enough of proving what we’re capable of in this High School Life of ours. I’m just happy that it ended well.

When I mean it ended well, I didn’t see anyone going all sour and bitter, doing petty attempts of bashing and badmouthing the winners. Well, yeah, there was this thing with an unknown the night before and some just retaliated. Everybody seems kinda chill right now, based on what I’m seeing in Facebook.

This Intramurals was one hell of a challenge for us. But we made it through. And we finished it with grace and decency. That’s what counts.


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