It’s the last

I was in school from 8 in the morning ’til 10. Talk about being die hard.

We had presswork in the morning which didn’t really turn out to be working time since we fooled around most of the time. I haven’t even started my own article. It was fun having the office full again. The correspondents brought food to share while we seniors ate the most part of it so it was kind of embarrassing ‘coz none of us old kids brought anything to share. We ate the ice cream brought by Fatima straight from the tub. Call it disgusting but if it’s ice cream with nuts, I wouldn’t care.

We were all hyper by then to the point that Daniel, Anlo and Patrick pulled a prank using my Yahoo Account without me knowing. I found out about it later that morning. Haha.

Gil and I went home with Iman to her house to eat our Jollibee to-go. Took a bath there too and played a little Diner Dash while waiting for my turn. It was swell.

Arrived at school to see Jolo preparing for their water-balloon fight. I had fun watching them getting wet. XD Then we proceeded to our own Christmas party. Sang If by Bread ‘coz there was Magic Sing. Haha. Enjoyed the time with Jomar, Trixia, Roe and Iman.

Christmas “Dance” was alright. I enjoyed the performances by the teachers. Micha and I were even dancing along some of the songs. And she was acting like a stage mother during Sir Alex’s performance. Funny!

We missed the band performance ‘coz we went down to buy water and barbecue. Good timing since we met up with Clariza and Zari who were supposed to be listening to the anticipated simbang gabi mass. Ended up chatting and catching up with each others’ lives.

The night ended well. I also met up with Kuya Mikko and Kuya Vic who were in the office with Simone and Marianne. It was fun even if it was the last.

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