Day 1

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning and I was really hoping to have gone back to school today. But my parents told me to rest one more day. Yeah, since that fall, they’ve been keen in watching my every movement. They’ve been telling me to relax and mellow down. I’m trying but I can’t. Not now that I’ve been receiving news from friends about what’s happening in school.

I’ve been missing out alot this week. Being MIA is a bit hard but it’s a good thing that I have friends who update me with what’s happening. At least I’m getting a heads up on what to expect when I return. I have so much to catch up on and I’m not going to the field trip either. Medical reasons. Yeah, the only thing that’s stopping me from going back to my really hectic lifestyle.

I even have a curfew. Lights out at 9?! What can I accomplish at 9? It sucks but I have to deal with it just so I won’t get admitted again. Really, I got less rest in there than what I had before getting inside.

I gotta get back to work. Review projectiles and permutations. Do advanced reading for circular motion. Read Nibelungenlied (Chapter 3). Make-up that AP Homework. I have to get have of them done when they come home. *Sigh* Just a little more….

I hope tomorrow’s not gonna be any shitty than what they’ve been telling me.


Happy to hear your take on this

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