General Cleaning

[YM. 949 AM]

Natawa ako e. Kaya I’ll share.

Trixie: alec!

Alec: Trixie!

Trixie: May alam ka bang short cut?

Alec: Short cut ng? (isip: Math ba pag-uusapan?)

Trixie: …short cut papunta sa puso mo!

Alec: =)) Yehess… May nakadiskubre na =))

Trixie: nako. bumanat din. =))

Trixie e… Bumabanat na umaga pa lang. Hahaha!

I blessed this day as General Cleaning Day ‘coz I felt that it’s about time that my room takes on a new look. I brought the PC downstairs. Yeah, took much effort especially in swearing. Moved my bed and table. Threw useless documents out. Yeah, change is needed!

Speaking of change, I woke up to a dream of my hair being horribly chopped off by our guidance counselor. The scenario happened inside LDS classroom and it seemed that I wanted to change my look by having my hair cut off. Then, I remember the guidance counselor jumping into the scene and I was sitting on one of those barber’s chairs and my hair’s being chopped off with some long dull pair of scissors. The cuts looked jagged. Then, everything dissolved when I heard my mom and dad’s voice saying that they’re leaving for work. What a dream! And of all people, why does it have to be the guidance counselor chopping my hair off(Not Sweeney Todd.)? Maybe, I should follow-up on that Mapua app form. Weird, weird dream.

Anyway, just finished eating lunch… Coke!Currently watching Penelope. And I’m having siesta in a while!

Vacation, baby!

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