Hard Hat

I’m back!

After more than a week of nothing to say, I finally found something to say in here!

Today’s one of those considerably happy days. Besides the fact that the tension I’m feeling around other teachers is gradually subsiding, and that my exam grades are better than last quarter, having actually to not think of anything, knowing that all our teachers couldn’t really discuss when the class is incomplete, is relaxing. Funny, how I kill to just have my hands tied up in work and now, I’m enjoying being quite…passive.

Finally done with the photoshoot for the yearbook. I had fun with shooting the creative! =)). Fun! Hard hats!

Make-up really isn’t my thing. Took the muck off right after dinner, just before stepping into the bathroom. I had to apply facial wash thrice just so the oily feeling would wear off. I like my sweat better, haha. Went home at around 7.

Oh yeah, and the creature’s getting a taste of what he really deserves right now. Mom scolded him. Her suspicions are slowly proven true. Yeah, never underestimate the instinct of a mother.

My thoughts aren’t coherent. Wee.

But tomorrow’s agenda has something to do with the AP take home exam 😀

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