PTC Day means shortened classes. Yeah, we were supposed to interview Sir Dan for Filipino but then he had parents to attend to so the group ended up talking about the batch production at the trellis. Interview moved to Monday. Wah.

Quarterly Exams week next week. I need full force energy and lots of God-given luck. Haha.

I have no idea where to start studying. There’s no schedule nor pointers. But I can live without pointers. I just need the schedule. Warra. So much for time management.

It feels kinda off. ‘Coz the QT’s a week after release of ARC. It’s like you get to know where you should really improve on on last minute.

As of now, I’m still brooding over that hanger’s CoG. I was so pissed to not have made it balance at school that once I got home, I tried doing it. It did balance. I’m starting to hate the hanger that we used. Screw hangers. I’m feeling really bitter ‘coz everytime I start to like the subject, something horribly wrong happens. The kind that crushes your hopes of becoming an engineer. Hanger na nga lang hindi pa mahanap ang CoG. The thought’s been floating in my mind for a while now.

Anyway, I’m trying to make a Math reviewer. As in the type where you get to answer and there’s a separate answer key. I’m still weighing if I’m gonna make one for Physics. Hmm… Oh, and I’m posting the songs in CCF. I think that’s included ‘coz we’ve spent half the quarter singing.

DLSU-CET on Sunday and I haven’t reviewed. You can officially call me a wreck. I have to pass La Salle ‘coz my hopes of passing the UPCAT aren’t high. And I don’t want to go to MAPUA. It’s too far.


Bato, bato sa langit, matamaan…SAPUL! =))


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