When will it become right?

Huwag kang magalala na baka yung mr. Right mo masaya na. Kasi

kahit kailan hindi siya tunay na masaya kasi wala ka pa.


That totally made my night. Technically, today was downright wrong. And it’s giving me a migraine. Seriously. I’m trying to properly rant while thinking about a million things at once and enduring this throbbing pain in my forehead.

God, the first three subjects were all quizzes. Hated it. And then feed us with the 7 capital sins. Way to rub it in. Fate sure knows how to make the perfect entrance.

And then retailing. Got my DLSU test permit but I haven’t even reviewed. I haven’t even time for myself anymore. Yeah, might as well kiss that 90 average goodbye.

For the first time in high school, I’m actually failing PE. Of all subjects PE. Why? Because of a failed quiz. What the hell. I know I shouldn’t take the subject for granted but it seems as if that it’s adding to the piled up work I already have. I feel like shit already and I’m swearing again. Mom says I;m being canto. I say I’m currently just crude.

I just don’t get it. It sucks.

I still need God’s Divine Intervention to survive tomorrow without getting a fatigue. Help!


Happy to hear your take on this

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