Special Paper?

ARCs were given out today. I was surprised with the outcome. Didn’t see it coming but I’m thankful, nevertheless.

Today was so-so. I didn’t attend PE for the fact that SN had to bundle and erase one by one a fucking little letter s. I still stick to my point of not having to erase it. I’m totally sure nobody would give a damn about it even if it were the headline. My god, who reads Seton Notes, right? Tsk, waste of ink. Why not just release an errata on the next issue? We would but why do we have to consume all those correction tapes. We could’ve just drawn smiley faces.

Anyway, I received this bulletin from the registrar about the new look of the ARCs for the first ’til third quarters. Funny that they claim to have done it to save mother nature and all that bullshit but isn’t it that they’re still wasting paper?

I remember in my former school, report cards were the old fashioned type. The pre-printed cardboard ones wherein the teachers would write every grade of every student in her advisory class by hand. You know, those ones with the stamps pa when you get an honor or something. Old fashioned, conventional but that’s what you call conserving paper.

I’m just pissed that they’re using the wrong reasons for things as those. Save Mother Nature, my ass.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a hectic day. I just feel it. Quiz in English, Seatwork in math. Problem solving in Physics. And we’re still not progressing with that interview. Ba naman kasi, ilang linggo nang pinakiusapan, tatanungin lang si sir kung kailan siya available, nagmatigas ba naman. Kaya ayun, kami na naman ni Iman ang maglalakad. One week before the deadline, e mukhang busy ang iinterviewhin. Feel ko talaga mapapahanap pa ko ng back-up interviewee nang wala sa oras.

So yeah, basically, I’m gonna need a whole lot of luck and divine intervention to pull through with the week with only bruises and enough brain electrons to last the quarterly exams.

To all those there, excuse me for being snappish. This one week is enough to make or break me this quarter.


Happy to hear your take on this

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