Tagum Pics.

I woke up from another ‘shit-that-didn’t-just-happen-did-it?’ dream. I haven’t had a dream that I could remember as vividly as this one in a while.

Anyway, I was expecting really heavy rains and super strong winds today ‘coz I was planning to start this post with the weather. Too bad.

So what I’m reeally talking about is this…

While I was lulling myself to sleep last night, I figured that it’d be about time to visit my archives. I found pictures from when I was in Second Year. God, we were so small then. And while my yaya was giving the room the daily wipe, I found a picture of me looking like boor. It was in grade 3 and we were singing Paraiso. The first class production I had in Seton with Aaron directing. Hahaha!

Yeah. So I posted the pics in multiply.Those that I think I haven’t posted yet. I dunno. Photos not taken by me. I can’t remember who did.

Try visiting.



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