The Law of Inertia

A body persists its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.

I woke up realizing that my throat was sore. Sure, that’s what I deserved after all the crude vulgarities I’ve been unleashing while drinking choco-banana shake last night. Then, while I was enjoying the thought that I’d be suffering from sore throat and a mild cold for the next week, I kept reflecting about yesterday. Every detail. From the trip to school until the point I’ve closed my laptop shut.

Funny, ‘coz the emotions I’ve felt last night don’t seem to come back whenever I try to recall yesterday. I actually don’t feel anything. It’s as if it just went away. And I’m glad it did. Shirra’s right, it’s better to let things go ‘coz you’d end up happier, lighter.

I’m going book whoring later at SMX. But before that, I need to progress with my SN articles. Daniel’s still sleeping ‘coz I think he’s fatigued. Yeah, so I’m gonna start with the news body until he goes online again.

Speaking of fatigue, everybody today sure seems tired and burned out. Well, I, too, am. I just don’t want to think about it ‘coz my bed beside me is tempting me right now.

Funny how we people busy ourselves to the point we forget we have limitations and just bum out the next day. And then we sulk about it when in the first place, it’s all our doing. It makes me remember about Newton’s law of Intertia, which, I feel is very approriate for the moment.

Bitch if someone prods you to be. And then just stop reacting when you know that the odds are against you. Afterwhich, you end up feeling nothing and indifference just kicks in. Then you go back to being happy knowing that whoever’s prodding you would just shut the fuck up.

Now I’m happy.


Happy to hear your take on this

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