Para kay B… Na-na?

I just finished the book. I enjoyed it. It was wow! Blew me off guard. Ricky Lee sure did portray how sad a life of a writer can be. And I really love how he focused on the nature of balance and how people don’t always get what they want. It’s such a good book that you wouldn’t care to laugh out loud or ‘aww’ in a public area.

Hangover. That’s the state that I’ll be in, and I guess I won’t be moving on to the next book any sooner. *sigh*

Anyway, today was…okay? I spent the first hour, CCF, chatting with Shii, Kai, Iman, Lexii, Lexa, Inna, and Jila. It was alright. We talked. We ate Inna’s toblerone. Masarap. Thanks.

Physics was…mellow? No. I was laughing my gut out with Iman, Jomar and Roe. My god, when I’m with those three, the earth just shakes. It was a good thing that Ms. Ditas didn;t mind since we finished the Bato Balani activity on time. Hehehe. In the dark of the night….

Filipino was oddly quiet. We went down to watch Magui’s presentation of Odyssey after a brief review on Pandiwari. Congrats, Magui and especially Abby on her debut as a director. I enjoyed the show.

So after their play, I wasn’t myself. My brain wasn’t functioning as usual. Spent the rest of the period at the Sn office talking about stuff. And Magui’s Odyssey plus the batch prod and all other things that came across our mind.

Teatro came along and I proveed how my brain wasn’t functioning. For crying out loud, it was a Friday and I was tired. Basically, I was fooling around while Penny, Eric and Sonja were trying to brainstorm on how to pull that performance poetry stunt.

Then Free time again. Had a meeting @ SN. Light discussion and then gossip! Yeah. That’s what I like about SN haha. Come to think of it, Iman seemed kilig half of the time, enjoying teasing me while slapping me with her hard red file case. It hurt. Then it went on until Mentoring. HAHAHA.

By five, we wrapped up and Iman and I were lazy to go home so we stayed until 540 there under the bridge. Told Reyben out of nowhere that I’d want to have a gay bestfriend in college and Iman kept repeating Banana and Bitch.

The lord probably pitied me when Ryan passed by and came to sit with us. HAHAHA! Karma is sweet. Felt the need to go home after 540. Met up with yaya and commuted home. Sleepy trip.

Tomorrow’s AGENDA: Presswork ’09- UP DILIMAN! BH! Hahaha!


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