I’m Burning!

Congratulations, LDS, mi labs!

At last, with Lysistrata done, we could go back to going home early and take a break from all the lewdness.

Classes were suspended at 2pm. No physics! I’m still sulking over my carelessness but I enjoyed Math. I was laughing really hard over the ‘What if LDS was composed of all Basilio’s/ Demetillio’s/ Biel’s?’.

Suckfest after dismissal ‘coz we stayed at Southville until around 6 pm. My brother and I were dozing off at the lobby in Seton uniform. It was funny…

I’m half-way through Ricky Lee’s Para Kay B, thanks to PAG-ASA’s ‘strong’ sense of good judgement. Great book to read! It just makes you smile and laugh senseless.

Anyway, I am currently drowning myself in mass songs. I feel more of a sinner everytime I listen to the songs. It just goes to show how I don’t really give a damn about memorizing praise songs unless needed. Warra. It’s dragging. And I have no idea where I’m getting a voice with quality for the ‘recital.’ As the saying goes, Pakapalan na lang ng mukha.

Kabog, Kilig, Kirot: ang tatlong K na nagsasabing umiibig ka na. [Para kay b]


2 thoughts on “I’m Burning!”

  1. you can’t discipline the weather, more so determine it.

    well that’s why they’re predictions, it doesn’t have accuracy or precision YET.

    congrats on Lysistrata! hope we get the same success.

    im really glad we still haven’t started on those mass songs. we’re still going to go through the listening activity on minus-one. whee. XD

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