Today is not my day.

Frankly, I’m not feeling my best today. Figures, since I’ve been lacking sleep since Friday night, I’m pressured with all sorts of work-related activities, and I just feel like a total ass for screwing up in today’s competition.

If you’ve been following my posts in LJ, by now, you would already know me as the type who wouldn’t let any flaw pass in endeavors I want to excel in. Yeah, I’m talking about the essay writing contest. I feel terrible. The things that I’ve been reminding myself to take in mind when writing just went *poof* in that short period of time. I hate it.

You know what else I hate? I hate the fact that there was this chance and I didn’t wholly give justice to it. I mean, I was there but my mind wasn’t going along with my will.

But everything has its reasons. And I think Patrick’s gonna be right this time. I am gonna have my time someday and I know it. Maybe, God’s just telling me to re-evaluate myself and focus on what I’m currently working on which are my Seton Notes articles, that’s been on hiatus for some time now, and Lysistrata.

I’ve been hearing left and right that they’re excited to watch the play. I’m pressured. I want to give everybody the show that they deserve and I want LDS, mi labs, to feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of their effort and hardwork.

We’re already there LDS. All that’s left is to tie the loose knots and we’re on our way to making this thing work. I know that we can do this. A little more push!

Tomorrow’s the last day. I hope we can just nail it.


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