Go BLUE TEAM! Congratulations Guys!


Awesome Student Team Manager!

Sweat, blood and tears we shed rewarded us with pantawid gutom and pins!

Anyway, today was really fun and memorable even if I lost my ID and burned my face from staying too long under the sun.

After lunchbreak, Mika, Micha, Iman, Gil, Pat and I were lazy to go up the gym and watch the remaining games so we decided to spend the time to catch up and talk. it was cute because we were getting ourselves cozy in the office while the rain was getting harder.

We had too much to talk about that I was literally dizzy and drained when we decided to go up for the awarding ceremony. I really had fun today, thanks to you!

Awarding was alright. I saw people dozing off of their seats while Ms. Naj was announcing the winners. *wink* Post Mo, Click mo winners were also announced. We won second. 3000 bucks for the batch.We were like, oh.. okay.

The gym started heating up when they were close to announcing the overall champion. All along, we thought that it was the yellow team to win the title. Really. So I was surprised whe they announced the result. Anyway, good game! I enjoyed!

Back to normal tomorrow. Warra. Then we’re presenting Lysistrata Tuesday next week. Break a leg.

Oh, Get well soon Jerome!

~Amazona, signing off.


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