It’s raining.

A few nights ago, I was scanning Multiply to kill boredom. Then, I came across Jomar’s blog post about rain and how it appealed to him… I just remembered.

…’coz it’s raining. But I still feel hot.

We just went out to do the groceries and it was traffic down Molino road. So, today is kinda mellow. I’m bored and I’m still not in the mood to do the article for Seton Notes. Iman’s going to kill me, I know it. But I think she’ll do it after her hot date this weekend. I know you’ll be reading this iMan. =)) Kilig ka na naman? hahaha. Sabunutan mo nalang ako sa Tuesday para magising na rin ako sa katotohanan.

I tried reading Jane Eyre again and boy, this 10 year old is highfalutin. Anyway, I can finish it! I will. Haha.

The rain’s getting harder. And it’s kinda aggressive. What the hell’s happening to the weather?


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