Ready to Fish?

Everybody was dead tired. Even Iman and Marvin were absent today. It was really unusual for LDS, my labs, to be so quiet. I was hating the silence because it was making me sleepy. Besides that, NCAE Review was just boring.

Know why? ‘Coz it’s useless. Why? ‘Coz we’ve taken the UPCAT and passed the Ateneo app forms already. If it were a national career assessment exam, then it should have been given the year before to evaluate the student’s capability. God, we’re just wasting time and money in this situation.

I’ve even heard that each question in NCAE costs at around 500 pesos. I’m not sure if it still stands but if it still be the case, and technically, most of us have already chosen our career paths, then, we’re just joking around.

Anyway, after NCAE Review, we finished the Banderitas. I am very very happy with it. The net doesn’t look like the scary drapes anymore. We twirled it around the lubid so it looks neater . The tanzan chains and tanzan balls look visible and eyecatching. Yay!

Banderitas[1]By 4pm, we were under the bridge forming ourselves for the ipost mo i click mo project by JVS. It was fun! Haha. We wrapped up at around 630. I reached the car at around 715. Then, tomorrow, I promised myself I’d be really productive. Blah. Haha. I’m sleepy.


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