Friday’s Happenings

Last day of Exams. I enjoyed AP so much that I was dumbfounded with math. God, I hate it when I’m like that. It feels like what I’ve reviewed just goes down the drain. The answer was right under my nose and I became too engrossed with the figures. Then, I was too disappointed with what I did during the Math test that I had no enthusiasm for TLE. When I swore that I needed to nail Math to save myself from Physics.

Anyway, after the test, I barely enjoyed lunch. Then it was all meetings. The three-hour SN meeting, in which, I felt totally fried. The office was so hot. God, they really should install either two more fans or a 3/4 horsepower aircon.

Then while SN and the new kids were all crammed inside, everybody else was having a meeting regarding Palarong Pinoy. And…

Reyben is Student Team Manager! Woohoo! Congrats!

So while they were screaming at the microphone, I was with Daniel, Aaron and Gil brainstorming for what Ms. Nanette was asking us to work on. Before we finally did come up with something decent, there was so much interruption since somebody dropped an innocent innuendo and my pevertedness caught it quickly, that we finally finished 10 minutes after the dismissal bell. That was one long sentence.

Then we spent the time until around 645 in the evening doing the stuff for the banderitas. Flower cups!

After which, we were all haggard. Then I went home… to find out about two things.

The first thing, I’m not sharing. The second thing…just makes my blood boil.

Apparently, my brother bought Sprite the other day using his savings. When we got home, he was looking for it to find that the bottle was near empty. So the kid was in a way, devastated. It was his money. You know the feeling wherein what you’ve bought was out of the sacrifice you did of saving the money for it and then some so-called human who according to paper, is our relative, consumes alot of it without permission?

You get irritated, right? If not, here’s more. Last week, we had a party. So there was this red ribbon cake in the fridge. Last time we ate it, it looked proper. Last night, the creature scraped two blobs of icing toppings. You know that mango cake from red ribbon with the kisses- like icing forms on top? He scraped two of them off. It was disgusting. Hideous. My god, if he wanted cake so badly, he should’ve just sliced it.

My bro still has bad feelings because of what happened. This… I can’t fathom the thought that this ‘person’ is my relative. Anyway, this creature according to my sources, isn’t catholic. And the creature claims that in his religion, he can’t eat dinuguan or drink alcohol. But last week, for two days, he was consuming the remaining 12 bottles of San Mig Light from the party the night before. The reason? Wanted to try it out. Is trying worth almost a dozen? Son of a Bitch.


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