Bitchy. [I]

I was swearing throughout dinner. I was being a man-hater while eating fish and chocolate cakes. Haha. Then it just stopped when I took a bath. Now, I’m just plain mean.

No. It’s not that time of the month. I’m just irritated with how things are placing in my schedule. There are things that I want done but I have to prioritize some others. It sucks. I’m having the short story on top of my head but I have to review for the exams and then the take home. Gah. Finally, I’ve thought of an effin’ concept. Going for the pop-ups.

But I’m really itching for the short story. Damn.

Oh, and I didn’t trip during Physics! Improvement.

And I’ve been to Manila Memorial already. I;m coming back tomorrow and I should really bring my camera now.

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