Dragonfly Banana

And I kept my promise. I’d be writing on the next day. It’s currently 12:28 am. I am locked in my room and it’s dark. I’m with my new friend, Dell, and the dinner party is still going on downstairs. Although, I think they got tired of singing. It’s really quiet now.

So anyway, thanks to Iman, I have a title for this post. This came out when we were chatting and she was trying to figure out the password of my latest password protected post. Dragonfly Banana! \m/


I practically ate the whole night. Anything edible that was beside or in front of me, I devoured. Haha, exaggerated. I practically finished half a serving plate of fish fillet. Mom’s tartar cream dip is insanely good that it’d make you crave for more. Then I had too much Coke zero to drink that’s why even if my eyes are screaming sleep, I still have the energy to post this for you, reader.

Just a thought though, I was really really tempted to have a little alcohol. Yep, there was a variety of red wine, san mig light, and an unopened bottle of vodka. I think that’s what they mean about teenagers wanting to try anything and everything. I’m still craving even if I’ve already brushed my teeth. Tsk. I’m sixteen and I’m starting to feel impulsively curious about alcohol even if I did have a tiny sip ages ago. Control. I’m just probably tired and stressed out.

Anyway, I still haven’t had a go with the AP takehome. *sigh* But I feel like I’m still gonna enter the akdang pampanitikan for short story writing. Cuz, I’m gonna have to use you for inspiration. I’ll only tell when I actually get to finish the story.

Come to think of it, Dragonfly Banana has no relation to the post. Hahaha!

Bananas and Dragonflies don’t go well together…if you know what I mean >:]


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