Yellow Roses



Globe sucks. because they didn’t deliver my other friends’ greetings. They ate their peso without even giving the customer the service they deserve. I’m sorry kai, iMan, jila and reyben and inna- for not having your name registered on phone.

Anyway, I had fun! \m/ I never knew yellow roses existed until this afternoon. Ignorant. And giant mocha cakes taste really good when someone else feeds you with it while you get to share the whole thing with everybody. Yummy.

Then there was Mika’s letter. I felt kilig and mayabang (haha) after reading it. Thanks Mikes! Good to know that there’s something you see in me. Haha *wink*

Everything felt really mellow even if I wasn’t too happy with my results in Physics. I’ve probably been too much of an airhead that my ego just deflated when I saw my grades. Haha. But it was surprising that I didn’t ramble and rant about it after. I just felt down. Yeah, and that’s what I like about being an airhead. I get to be so high in the sky the clouds start to cover the ground and when I fall, I’m in for a surprise.

So there.

All that’s left to do is find out what Aristotle did that Galileo opposed. Free falling… just like what I’m doing.

I’ll be back on ground zero two weeks from now. That’s when I get to see exam scores. XD


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