Teh B-day

I told myself that I was to wake up at 630 to clean my room. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t even roll myself out of bed, I officially opened my eyes at 830. So much for setting the alarm clock…

But I did clean my room. Less clutter. More space for new clutter.Haha. I even finished the garbage costume. My mom had a funny disapproving face when she saw the finished product. (Told me that it didn’t even look like a costume.)

So what else happened while I did my chores? My eyes were glued to the whole paalam Cory special coverage. And I cried during Kris’ speech after the mass. Yeah, when I told myself I wasn’t shedding a tear. My eyes felt really itchy after. As in really itchy. It was a good thing that the second time the speech was played, I didn’t cry the second time…unlike some people.

Then when the commercials started…we got bored. So we decided to meet up with dad at ATC and have dinner there, or something like that. But not one of the plans for tonight ever happened.  Everything that happened after dad’s text that he would be meeting us at home was spontaneous. We practically strolled around the mall ’til we felt like it was time to eat. Couldn’t decide so we thought of going home and calling up for delivery but then decided it’d take too long so we stopped by Henlin. Then we changed our minds so we went up to the foodcourt. Finally, we decided to eat at Balot-balot republic.

I found it really amusing. This is the first birthday wherein there weren’t any special plans for dinner nor guests for that matter. It was just the three of us eating like it was just another ordinary day at a mall.

My night was getting better and it almost crashed. We were on the verge of singing happy birthday and raiding the cake when my dad asked if I went to church and I said I didn’t. Then he went with his short silent sermon about him going to mass on his birthdays. I was like: you’re making me feel like the biggest sinner on my birthday.

I know that he has a point about going to church on a birthday- to thank God. It’s valid. I know. I’m guilty as charged. But why do you have to kill the mood and say it in the most guilt-popping manner?

Now that I think of it, buti pa si Cory, nakapagsimba kahit nasa kabaong na. And there I was. Celebrating my 16th and not making an effort to go to mass…

Anyway, thanks to EVERYONE who greeted! Happy Birthday Lexii!


On your 16th birthday, here are my wishes…

to grow into a beautiful adult inside and out

to be as daring as ever

to explore the world on your own way

to enjoy living life one day at a time

to take things at their own phase

there is always a time and a place for everything

to live a simple life

to have an ambition but not towards material things rather

higher fulfillment

to sustain the drive you have when you put yourself into things you started

and hopefully finish them

to be my buddy for life…

you are truly God’s gift!!!!

Happy, happy birthday!!!!





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