NO Classes!

I’m between happy and irritated. I’m happy that I get to spend a whole 24 hours to slack off once more but I’m irritated with the fact that once classes resume tomorrow, they’re gonna be rushing us to accomplish all the requirements.

  1. We’ve been putting off the Math Long test for around three weeks already. The topic’s probably hidden at the bottom of my brain already. What’s more is that I’m liking Math this year and it sucks to have lost more than 4 hours of it.
  2. Last quiz in Physics. I have no idea why but every time a quiz or seatwork on Physics is waiting around the corner, I get really nervous. Last quiz I had, I was shaking to the point I became careless enough to not convert the units properly.
  3. Another long test…Filipino this time. I promised myself that I would review for tomorrow yesterday. Unfortunately, I got carried away with sewing the sack- the reason why I woke up at 6 in the morning. I’m going to Avram’s to help out with the others =]

No classes on Wednesday. No classes on my birthday. It is equal to having extra time to review my ass off for the exams. No classes on Wednesday is also equal to the rising probability of having Saturday classes within the school year, or if the worst comes, it’d be having graduation in April. Suckfest,really.

Then there’s our English play. We’ve barely perfected the first and second scene. We’ve never had a complete rough run through of the third, haven’t finished the last quarter of the fourth scene and we’ve never reached the last scene, yet. Dress rehearsals are on Monday next week and I feel like pulling my hair off already. There’s so much room for improvement that I want to fill out. I definitely don’t want to waste the countless after-school hours the class has been spending this quarter.

There’s more! And I’m sick of enumerating.

There’s so much to do.


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