The UPCAT Experience

I woke up with bloodshot eyes to the alarm tone of Single Ladies because it was the only thing loud enough to wake me up at 3 in the morning. It was raining really hard and I had hopes of the UPCAT being cancelled. Haha. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I had myself staring at the mirror beside my bed for a whole 7 minutes arguing whether I should finally get up or ditch the Test. I decided to get up.

Eating is boring when it’s done before my brain starts functioning…so off with the bath.

It was too early and too cold to wet my hair so I opted to bathe with my hair tied up. My eyes were bloodshot even after the warm bath. Apparently, I hadn’t gotten over the nightmares I’ve been having – basically, failing the test and it in the picture.

Even when I had changed, I was still hoping to ditch the test, just so you know. But I didn’t. Coward.

And the 1 hour trip to Diliman commenced. The whole time, I wasn’t worried about the actual test, I was worried about getting lost going to UP, getting inside UP and going home from UP. I had to commute home, you see.

So we arrived and boy, it was traffic. I finally went up Palma Hall without kissing my parents goodbye – I was too ashamed. Too many people. Bad Child.

When I went in, I was like, okay the line’s so long. Let’s give BH a try. My God, Walang gwapo. Ni maganda. So I gave up hopes of finding some entertainment while there.

Then the 5-hour test began. My back and neck were aching at the third test. *Spoilers.*

We were dismissed. I decided to go to the comfort room. It was at the far end of the building. When I say far end, it was really on the farthest end. So I took my time since my yaya and I were commuting. So much time to waste!

When I thought that I wouldn’t be seeing it this weekend, I was wrong. As I was going down the last flight of steps, it was there, waving, goofily grinning and naturally being a stand out in the crowd. I smiled, waved, left.

I practically rushed out of the hall before I had the chance to slip out what I’ve seen behind the booklet cover. I sort of felt giddy at the moment. Then I became scared because I had no idea where the jeep we were riding on was taking us. I just wanted to go to the MRT station. We did, after a really long ride, that is.

We rode from Quezon Avenue station. We had to run a more than enough flight of stairs and I’ve finally step foot on MMDA’s foot bridge. Fun! We went down at Ayala. Ate Mcdo at SM, crossed all 5 gloriettas, landmark and the whole greenbelt compound. My feet were practically crying by the time we met up with dad at Powerbooks. Found another good book to read. Para kay B (O Kung Paano Dinevastate ng Pag-ibig ang 4 out of 5 sa Atin)by Ricky Lee. Sadly, I didn’t get myself a copy. I promise myself that I would if I finally have extra time and money. Or if YOU can give me one. Haha.

We walked a good distance to the’ colorum’ terminal. I arrived with sore and blistered feet but I still was able to rant about bakit walang gwapo sa UP. Kahit maganda wala.

I hope I pass. \m/


AM: Walang gwapo sa UP, Ma! Kahit magandang babae wala rin.

Ma: Bakit ka naman naghahanap ng magandang babae?

AM: Para malait ko. Kasi ‘pag pangit hindi mo na malalait.Β  Pangit na e.

[masama ang lahi.]

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