The reality of breeding dogs

So my dog gave birth yet again. Yep, Dogs can be very ‘masipag’. It was around 3 in the afternoon, we were at the kitchen looking out for our pet who was roaming around clearly in labor.

The stressing thing about this, though, is that the dog that gave birth, always had problems with delivery. And I’m not one who’s fond with Death.

So I was practically screaming at my dog to push the last twin out. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it and guilt’s consuming me. It sort of went out in the wrong position. *scratches the gory details*

If I had just intervened a little earlier, it would’ve had a chance to breath Cavite air.

And that’s why I never really thought of pursuing a career in medicine…

Because when it comes to life, I can never play games with it.

Because the wonder of life is so beautiful, seeing the opposite isn’t a site to see especially when it becomes lifeless in your palms.

Because you’re totally giving up your life for service and I wouldn’t be egotistic anymore if I did.

Lastly, because I am never the superhero in this life. And I don’t want to be.



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