My new pad.

I’m leaving LiveJournal. I’m starting fresh again but I won’t be deleting my site there so I get to laugh at myself when I want to act like a retard. It feels like I bought myself a new ream of paper to scribble on. I’ve abused LJ too much with cuss and dirty language. So, I’ve decided to do it with wordpress, too. I feel in the mood to write senseless so I’m doing it.


Way to go, Beyonce! Your song gave me another idea. Because I blog when I talk about myself, I’m naming it what it deserves to be named. I’m practically sprawling myself all over the web. But what the hell, screw criticism.


IP’s kept me busy all weekend and I finally formulated my own hypothesis for the research. It sucked the life out of me. Now I’ve realized that having an experimental type of investigation would be thrilling than of an output based one. However, no worries. At least I’m sure that the what I’m doing is possible.

Then there’s the LONG TEST. Since classes are suspended today, it’s moved to tomorrow. I haven’t reviewed yet. Even for the UPCAT this weekend.

It sucks that hell week has arrived.It’s a pain in the arse.



Happy to hear your take on this

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