Priorities are a real thing and they include people

As I sit here in the mall’s cafeteria waiting for my friends, I figured now would be the perfect time to write my post for this week. You see, I’ll be flying to Hong Kong tomorrow on vacation with family so I will be busy by then.

This weekend was pretty uneventful given the fact that my plans got canceled. Made me realize alot about priorities and that sometimes the stuff that’s important to you turns out to not be as important for them. Like you let them ride shotgun and you’re the one who’s placed in the backseat. Doesn’t feel like the best thing in the world but it’s pretty much a wakeup call to rearrange your priorities as well. 

Made me think about my current priorities and the things that I should prioritize. So far my year has placed family and travel front row, maintaining my friends and staying healthy for my period’s sake second and pretty much anything goes for the third. 

I’ve been told to go back to school and take up masters or look for a boyfriend. Both of which I am open to but haven’t really placed myself to the opportunities. I’ll get there.

I think I was just surprised by what happened. Not that I wasn’t expecting it. Come on, the past two plans to meet got dissolved on the last minute! I’d like to think it’s me who’s denying the fact that people change, priorities shift and my ego’s a teeny tiny hurt about it. 

But we have to move on.


Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

If I remember correctly, in previous years I would have made a year-end post to thank everyone who made a difference in my life or the learnings that were worth sharing. 

This year, I haven’t managed to do that and I want to change it up a little bit so I get to write more instead of pack everything up in a single post. Kinda made myself a resolution last night that I should start blogging again and post at least once a week along with a few other stuff. I reviewed the list I made last year and so far I have only ticked 2 – to reach my target savings and jump off a cliff! Lol, Baby steps. 

This year I tried to be more specific and realistic with my goals. Well, one of them is still vague – and I’ll get to that when I am finally comfortable to share. 

The year’s just starting and I have a feeling alot more is going to happen than last year. I do hope it’s going to be a good year.


Why does November have to always make me itch?

No, get your mind off the gutter. I will tell you what this is about in a bit.

I was reviewing the last few posts I made here, including the private ones I am not yet ready to share to the world, and I realized my posts are roughly three to four months apart – like some quarterly report. The corporate system has gotten to me.

I have decided to write a bit urgently today as my head has been swimming in so much thoughts and grogginess probably brought about by seasonal allergies, antihistamine and having to be polite and getting the blame instead. I need an outlet – and telling any friend is not helping – I don’t like passing on negativity to another so I am putting it out here.

Been mildly suffering seasonal allergies again these year. And I say milder because roughly the same time last year, I was rushed to the ER for a shot of Diphenhydramine as I already looked like a blow fish and was covered in rash. This year, I already had episodes of rhinitis (and a lot of sneezing), itchy throat and rash breakouts which thankfully, oral antihistamines are still able to calm down. Been very very cautious and groggy since then.

Got a bit annoyed with a friend’s lack of decisiveness yesterday to a point I stopped replying as my way of saying no so all the ‘plans’ got flushed down and I got blamed. They kind of saw through my petty excuse of falling asleep through it all, lol. But I was in no mood to fight nor explain so I will suck it up – and decidedly write here :).

That is about it for now. Will be baking carrot muffins in a while so YAY 😀




Bucketlist like Timecapsules

I decided it was about time I visited my blog roughly a month before my birthday and start getting myself together. I will be celebrating my first year in the workforce next week and I will be off this weekend and the most part next week for my cousin’s wedding in Siquijor. When I come back, I am sure to be swamped again with work considering there will be exciting changes about to happen in the office.

So I stumbled upon one of the pages I made in this blog roughly three years ago — my bucketlist and decided to go through it and see if I could cross any of it out. Out of the 20, I managed to cross out 4! Not bad considering when I reviewed the list, a lot of the things I put there were things I saw other people do and couldn’t exactly imagine myself doing. A big part of me was screaming, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! while reviewing it. Apparently, a lot of the things I listed have something to do with travelling, eating something exotic, or doing something risky.

It made me think why the hell I thought of listing those things in the first place. Now though, it seems to me that when I turned 20 I wanted to live a little recklessly. And I think I am still struggling with the thought that I am at that point in my life where I should be a bit reckless and make mistakes. Even my cousin told me that. I think I’ve been way too comfortable in my shell – which I still am. I’m trying! I’ll get there. We’ll get there. I have to convince myself that.


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