Baking Cinnamon Rolls for the first time

It’s been raining non-stop here since last night and almost the entire metro cut classes and work short(except for me, I worked from home today) because of the floods it was causing. Since everybody was home and I was really hungry, decided to finally give baking cinammon rolls a shot after my shift. 

Initially wanted to try the Pioneer woman’s recipe but it called for 8 cups of flour and I don’t think I had THAT much in stock at the moment. So I googled some more and found a recipe from The Stay at Home Chef. You can find the recipe Here.

Loved the recipe because it was easy, simple and it wasn’t messy to prepare. Believe me I can be messy when it comes to baking. Made a couple of ingredient swaps because preference πŸ’πŸ» (or that was the only thing I had here) and I’ve listed them below.

  • Instead of white sugar, used Brown Sugar
  • Instead of Butter, used Margarine
  • Whole milk to Soy Milk

I was almost tempted to not include the egg because of allergies but I thought I might botch the entire recipe so I included it.

The instructions said to bake at up to 20 mins but I had to extend to 30 because I wanted to make sure it baked through the center.
Must say it turned out looking good. πŸ‘… 



Our Stay at Hotel Elegant @ San Juan, La Union

I’m usually not the kind to go on a trip on a long holiday because flights and lodging are usually more expensive but this time around, the family managed to go on a road trip to San Juan, La Union thanks to my cousin who’s been to the place already and booked it for us through

The place is pretty new as they opened around December 2016. My cousin stayed here once so I was pretty optimistic this was a good place to stay since Manang was willing to come back here.


It’s a 10 minute drive to San Juan beach – famous for it’s surfable waves and about 2 min drive (7 min walk) to CSI City Mall.

Parking was ok, could fit around 8-10 cars (3 columns) at the front of the property.

Price and AmenitiesΒ 

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The family room booked had 2 bedrooms with a double bed and cabinet for each, a huge bathroom with heated showers, cable tv, a kitchen, dining table, 3 air conditioning units and WiFi. There weren’t any elevators so a little exercise going up to the 4th floor.

The bathroom was clean and had a bidet which is one of the first and major things I check and judge whenever I stay somewhere new so a Yehey for me. 😊

Pretty neat for around Php 5k a night and we were 5 on this trip. Pretty good value for your money. I’ve managed to take home one of their flyers (and found it folded in one of my bags weeks later, lol) and included it here for your reference. πŸ™‚


They were pretty quick to addressing most of our requests. For some reason the door to one of the bedrooms seemed to lock on its own and the key to it wasn’t included with the keys lent to us so we called front desk to assist. Within a few minutes someone came up with the master keys to unlock so I liked that.

Extra pillow, blanket and towel for my bro was brought up in due time as well.

Overall, I liked that the place was quiet, clean and well priced. If I came back to La Union, I would definitely consider booking here again.

Blogging Seriously

If you have been following my blog or happen to have read a few posts that I was confident enough to share on my other social media platforms, you’d notice that I do this mainly for fun – a catharsis really. But then adulting happened and I’ve seen so many articles already about blogging being a legit avenue to make some extra income.

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Hello again Singapore: My 4D3N stay in SG this 2017!

The last time I traveled to Singapore was 2014 for a tour when I was in college. Everything back then was arranged for us so there really wasn’t much freedom. Told myself I’d come back and fortunately, I came back last March with my colleagues at work.

This trip was a total DIY and glad to say that we were able to save ALOT on lodging as we stayed at one of my colleague’s relatives.

One of the things I enjoyed in this trip this time around was we were able to explore the city-state using their bus system. Last time I was here, I used the train for the most part and you couldn’t see much if the line was mostly running underground.

Take a moment to enjoy the photos I compiled and I’ve laid out the Itinerary after πŸ™‚

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Book Review: Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance


I first saw this book at a Fully Booked branch last February but I did not buy it then. I was intrigued, but wasnt entirely convinced yet that the book was worth it. The funny thing about this encounter was that I didn’t really know who Elon Musk was – just that he looked like a rich businessman – and it was Tesla that actually caught my attention on this book.

The first time I encountered Tesla Motors was from a Discovery, if not Nat Geo documentary (forgive me, it was ages ago) around high school I think, circa 2012. I remember that after the Audi, Tesla became my dream car brand because it was electric, the car looked sexy and there was so much leg room in the vehicle when it was featured.

I shrugged it off and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I actually googled who Elon Musk was…. and then the curiosity started to pique. Business Insider articles, YouTube videos with him being interviewed, news features and whatever was free on the internet about him became brain food for me. And it wasn’t enough.

Finally succumbing I bought the book and I must say, Ashlee Vance did not disappoint. It was an easy read – I think I finished it in about a week – structure was simple, straightforward and it made you want to keep reading. I liked that the book was able to discuss and relate how Elon operates his companies to his background before he even became a tech startup magnate.

Moreover, I liked that Vance started building this book from the interviews of different people, whoΒ were and are involved in Elon Musk’s life before actually including Elon’s side of the story. It gives it a sense of detachment in narrating Elon’s life and a reality when you read that multiple accounts(people) describe him the same way. I liked that it got very real because it included all the hardships and financial struggles and how Elon overcame it to get all his companies to where they are now. I mean, yes, you get to read it in the news because some of the companies are public and of course the public statements that Elon releases but it’s different if you read it in the words of the person who actually went through it, the part that doesn’t get published until now.

After reading the book, I knew that it was good because it left me feeling inspired knowing that technology is pushing itself to new heights again not only in the software industry but hardware because of the drive of Musk. It also left a good feeling because it showed me that successful people do not gain success overnight.

They work and work and learn and make mistakes and learn from them to be better. In that sense, it makes being a better person in whichever aspect you wish, very attainable. It becomes a matter of how much effort you put into it. I don’t think I’ll ever dream of working like him – sleepless nights and all, but I am glad I get to read about it.

Happy to say that he’s my CEO crush and I am looking forward to many more innovations from his companies.


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